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VSY Biotechnology offers the Ultra Definition Acriva intra-ocular lenses, with or without Blue Filter light filtration.

Acriva UD series intraocular lenses incorporate ULTRA Definition (UD) technology. Ultra Definition lenses have aspheric structure and aberration control. This special optic design corrects the positive aberration of the cornea.

Acriva UD series intraocular lenses are produced from an ultra pure acrylate monomer. The premium material was chosen for its 25% water content along with its water resistant hydrophobic surface.


We offer:

  • Monofocal MICS IOLs: Acriva UDM611
  • Toric MICS IOLs (custom made): Acriva BB Toric
  • Special design IOLs
  • AcriJet blue injector and Cartridge system 1.8 mm / 2.4mm
  • Visco-elastica: Protectalon 1.4% / 1.6% / 1.8% / 2.0% / 3.0%
  • AcriStar knives


UDM611 UDM611







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