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Rexon-Eye® is a non-invasive device that provides durable treatment for all forms of dry eye syndromes. It works by applying low-power high-frequency electric fields, capable of stimulating the metabolism and natural regeneration of cells.

The principle of operation of Rexon-Eye®  is the QMR® technology, which delivers a weak alternative electrical current containing a specific mix of frequencies (from 4 MHz to 64 MHz) that has been shown to stimulate the natural regeneration of cells.

For more than 15 years, this patented technology has been safely and successfully employed to treat diseases in several medical domains, such as Aesthetic Medicine, Physiotherapy, wound healing.

The Rexon-Eye® treatment addresses all types of dry eye, both evaporative as well as aqueous deficient, as evidenced by subjective and objective measurements reported in published clinical studies.



  • Effective therapy for both types of the dry eye disease, evaporative and acqueous deficient.
  • Long term benefits starting along or just after the treatment.
  • Comfortable, pleasant and relaxing treatment for the patient.
  • Integrated therapy for the whole lacrimal function unit.


  • Therapy consists in 4 treatment sessions of 20 min each, at one week interval.
  • Treatment is delivered by a contact electrode built in a mask, worn by the patient over closed eyes.
  • Instrument set-up and use are very simple and intuitive.








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