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The VOLK Eye Check Ocular Measurement device brings you instant value as a simple method for Quick, Cost–Effective Ocular Measurements.

Volk Eye Check is a handheld, digital ocular measurement device that captures and fully automates the analysis and display of diagnostic eye measurements in real time.

  • Takes the inter-clinician variability and guesswork out of external manual ocular measurements while completely automating the diagnostic measuring process.
  • Data acquisition is as easy as taking a picture with your smartphone. The analysis is done instantaneously and can be sent to your e-mail, printed as a PDF, or incorporated into your patient’s electronic medical record.

The VOLK Eye Check has 3 modes:

  • Contact Lens mode: Symplifying Contact Lens Fitting
  • Eye Check mode: The new Gold Standard in Clinical Screening
  • Oculoplasty mode: Automatic & Objective Lid Measurement

The Oculoplastics (OP) Mode provides accurate measurement of 26 key parameters such as MRD, aperture and pupils for clinical and cosmetic lid surgeries.


  • Automatic, fast and objective
  • 26 key ocular data points including:
    • MRD1 & MRD2 and two additional points on each lid
    • Palpebral aperture & apertures at limbus
    • Pupil diameter & iris diameter
    • Pupil eccentricity
  • Unique Grid Mode for measure landmarks such as brow position and margin crease distance


  • Objective documentation for medical insurance approval for surgery
  • Convenient tool for documenting pre- and post-op oculoplasty
  • Automatic & objective measurements of 26 ocular data points in under 1 minute
  • Great for blepharochalsis, dermatochalasis, blepharochalasis, blepharoptosis, and macrocornea


Volk eye Check Volk eye Check Volk eye Check

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