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Retinal Imaging: iCare COMPASS

COMPASS : The first device to combine Visual field measurement with Confocal color imaging of the retina.

COMPASS is the first Fundus Automated Perimeter capable of performing standard 24-2 visual field testing, delivering Truecolor confocal images at the same time.

COMPASS is a confocal scanning LED ophthalmoscope (SLO) combined with an automatic perimeter that provides confocal images of the retina, as well as the measurement of the threshold of retinal sensitivity and the analysis of the position and stability of fixation, under non-mydriatic conditions.


COMPASS provides :

  •  Truecolor confocal scanner
  • Analysis of anatomy and function of the Retina
  • ONH anatomical analysis
  • Non-mydriatic (minimum pupil size 3 mm)
  • Field of individual image: 60°
  • Sensor resolution: 5 Mpixel (2592x1944)
  • Light source: infrared (825-870 nm) and white LED (440-650 nm)
  • Captured images: color, infrared, red-free
  • Working distance: 28 mm


  • Projection range: 52°
  • Fixation control: 25Hz automated Retinal tracking
  • Stimulus size: Goldmann III (26 arcmin)
  • Tests : full threshold 24-2, 10-2,ZEST, Supra-threshold
  • Dynamic range: 0-50 dB


Other features:

  •  Internal fixation light programmable
  • Imaging modalities: color, IR, red-free
  • Automatic operation: auto-alignment, auto-focus, auto-exposure, auto-capture
  • Dynamic, programmable internal fixation target, in every position of the field
  • Auto-focusing range (correction of the spherical error): -12D to +15D
  • Tablet operated, with 10.1” multi-touch, color display
  • Wi-Fi connectivity through tablet
  • Ethernet connection through device
  • Presence sensor patient
  • Flash Technology: LED










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