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Human Optics develops & produces premium intraocular implants of the highest quality (High Definition Implants)


The Aspira® platform consists of monobloc IOLs in MICS-design made of clinically well-proven homogeneous acrylic material of the highest transparency and biocompatibility. The patients benefit from brilliant clear imaging by those innovative IOLs, manufactured with modern production technologies in sub-nano resolution.

 NEW: ASPIRA-aXA with 7.0mm optic !!

Intuitive. Simple. Fast

The Safeloader® autoloading container - the new implantation tool for more flexibility in the OR.

Separated components for the highest safety level: separated sterilization processes for IOL and injector as well as isolated IOL storage without contact of the IOL with the cartridge coating prior to insertion – that is different compared to usual preloaded systems. The easy handling of the Safeloader® enables individual flexibility in the OR. The various IOLs of the monobloc platform can be combined with different incision sizes.

TRIVA : The new Trifocality

Resilient presbyopia correction

* Progressive varifocal vision all day long
* Optimized for the visual requirements in a digital environment
* Resilient performance through smart IOL technology


The ArtificialIris is the world's first foldable artificial iris, which is used for optical and aesthetical reconstruction of eyes with complete or partial aniridia. The ArtificialIris is individually custom-made – giving it a very close match to the patient’s original iris color


ASPIRA-aXA Diffractiva 2 Artificial Iris



Diffractiva 2

Artificial Iris



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