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EIDON FA : True colour confocal fundus scanner with auto-fluo

The Eidon FA is based on the Eidon AF platform and therefore includes all features and functionalities of the Eidon technology.

The fluorescein angiography capability is an extraordinary tool for obtaining multiple types of high value information from multiple imaging modalities:

  • White illumination is able to provide high-quality TrueColor imaging
  • Red free is useful to enhance the detail of the retinal vasculature and retinal nerve fiber layer
  • Infrared light provides information corresponding to the choroid
  • Autofluorescence allows the assessment of the retinal pigment epithelial layer
  • Fluorescein angiography images and videos enable to observe and monitor retinal blood flow



Main features:

  • 60° wide field images + Mosaic images at 150° or 110° in full auto mode
  • Fully automated alignment and focus
  • High resolution (fluorescein angiography) images and videos
  • FA video stabilization
  • Large storage capacity (SSD, 2TB)
  • Stereoscopic FA pictures (any fixation)
  • Full size image preview during live FA mode
  • Examine multiple patients in parallel


Eidon Fa



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