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Retinal Imaging: iCare EIDON AF

iCare EIDON : Unsurpassed Ultra Wide field Quality Image

The TrueColor Confocal Technology

iCare EIDON combines a confocal optical engine with a white light LED source - which includes the entire visible spectrum of light – to illuminate the retina and to capture detailed TrueColor fundus images characterized by colors close to reality. Retinal pictures with pupils as small as 2.5 mm and scanning through cataract.

By using a proprietary stitching algorithm, iCare EIDON Family automatically combines different fields without user intervention, offering unsurpassed image quality, sharpness, and details, from the posterior pole to the periphery.

iCare EIDON Ultra-Widefield* high resolution imaging provides both detail-rich and panoramic views of the retina up to 200°.

Flexibility in operational modes, from fully automatic control to manual operation, requires minimal staff training, speeding up the examination time.

Technical data :

  • Light sources
  • White LED (440 - 650 nm)
  • Infrared LED (825 - 870 nm)
  • Blue LED (440-475 nm)

Imaging modalities :

  • TrueColor
  • Infrared
  • RGB channels separation
  • Fundus Autofluorescence


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